Pine and Douglas Fir Plywood

Comparing Douglas Fir & Pine Plywood

Face Appearance
Pine - A Grade (face)
Five examples of 8ft x 4ft sheet
Pine - B Grade (reverse)
Three examples of 8ft x 4ft sheet
Douglas Fir - A Grade (face)
Two examples of 8ft x 4ft sheet
Pine Plywood
Douglas Fir Plywood
Core Construction
Core Construction Comparison

Douglas Fir can have gaps and defects.
European Pine is built to a high spec and has more plies

Left: European Pine 18mm 13 ply
Right: Douglas Fir "Solid Core"19mm 7 ply


European Pine
Douglas Fir
Panel Size
2440 x 1220 (other sizes to order)
2440 x 1220
12mm or 18mm (other thickness to order)
11mm or 19mm  (1/2 inch or 3/4 inch)
Number of Plys
9 ply (12mm)   13 ply (18mm)
5 ply (11mm)   7 ply (19mm)
689-718kg per M3
500kg per M3
Face Grade
I/II  (A/B)  Good One Side
A/A  Good Two Sides
A/C  Good One Side
Environmental Certification
Fire Retardant Treatment Available
Euroclass B - Burnblock during manufacture
Euroclass B - Post manufacture treatment
CE Structural Certified
CE Structural Certified
PDF comparing Douglas Fir and Pine
Unbranded, so ideal to send to clients

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