Melamine Plywood

Melamine Faced Plywood

Available in a range of colours
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Birch plywood overlaid with melamine
Hygienic, odour free, weather-proof and water-proof. Resists commonly used chemicals and UV rays
Easy-to-clean with water and steam
The surface is glossy and hard - but may easily crack in case of hard impact

Ideal for walls and ceilings, furniture components and table tops, shop fitting and exhibition stands

White - Red - Blue - Yellow - Grey - Black - Green

Wood Effect
Birch - Beech
Panel Sizes
1220 x 2440
1220 x 3050
1525 x 3050
1250 x 2500

Wire Mesh Imprint
Ring Imprint
4mm - 6mm - 9mm - 12mm
15mm - 18mm - 21mm - 24mm
27mm - 30mm - 35mm - 40mm
45mm - 50mm

CE Structural rated
FSC® certified with full chain of custody paperwork
EN 314-3: Suitable for exterior conditions

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