Douglas Fir Plywood

Douglas Fir Plywood

Genuine Canadian Douglas Fir plywood available from Specialised Panel Products Ltd.

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We are set up to deal mainly in commercial volumes to companies (10 sheet minimum)

Douglas Fir has a wild grained, rotary cut, one piece face veneer which is very much in fashion.  An attractive panel for visually striking interior walls and ceiling panels - when compared to alternatives such as veneered plywood or MDF.

The decorative faces set Douglas Fir apart. A speciality panel that has been off the UK market for a considerable period, Douglas Fir Plywood is making a comeback..... and not before time, in our opinion.

Produced in imperial dimensions, it's a true 8’ x 4’ panel.
Popular thicknesses are ¾" (19mm) and ½" (11mm) and not to be confused with 18mm and 12mm.

11mm  -  1/2 inch  (half inch)
19mm  -  3/4 inch  (three quater inch)
Panel Size
Metric  2440 x 1220
Imperial  8ft x 4ft

Good One Side:    GOS  -  G1S  -  A/C  -  Clear one face
Good Two Sides:  GTS  -  G2S  -  A/A  -  Clear two face

Clear Face Definition: One piece face veneer, no synthetic filler/wood patches, occasional hairline splits filled with wood putty, no knots or pin knots.
EN 314-2: Suitable for humid conditions

500 kg M3
Per 8ft x 4ft panel  -  11mm 16.4kg  -  19mm 28.3kg

CE Structural rated
PEFC® certified with full chain of custody paperwork
EN 636-3 - Plywood for use in exterior conditions (North American equivalent to WBP)
CPD Compliant (Construction Products Directive) 1224-CPD-0002
EN 13896 - Formaldehyde class E1

Case Studies
Pine Plywood
an alternative to Douglas Fir

Contact us for a quote
As importers, we are set up to deal in commercial volumes to companies (10 sheet minimum)
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