Burnblock - Fire Rated Plywood

We are the UK stockist and distributor of Burnblock treated plywood for the UK market
Burnblock is a non-toxic, water-based product that effectively blocks the supply of oxygen in the fire-threatened material. In this way Burnblock halts the burning process, just as it can counteract the ignition of treated plywood and timber. Burnblock-treated plywood is approved to the highest classification according to the Euroclass system for building products, making it the perfect solution for most building projects.

Burnblock-treated materials can be used for exterior cladding, wood constructions in multi-store buildings, fitting solutions, interior wall and floor constructions.

Why Choose Burnblock ?

Pre-manufacture Treatment
  • Not a surface coating or post-manufacture impregnation treatment
  • Wood veneers are treated before being dried, bonded and pressed into plywood
  • Ensures complete FR properties throughout 100% of the panel
  • Sanding, drilling or routing does not reduce fire retardancy.  Impregnated panels should only be sanded to 0.2mm
  • No need to treat cut edges
  • Flat and dimensionally stable panels - ideal for laminating
  • No effervescence of salt or chemical residue on the surface
  • No border residue of liquid
  • No stick marks - ideal for decorative panels, use both sides
  • No kiln degradation (plugs on BB grade may fail and small knots may open on kilned panels)
  • No need to over order: our specifiers guide does not recommend a 10% increase in order volume
Borate Free
  • Traditionally, borates are used in fire rated timber and plywood
  • Sodium perborate is on the REACH candidate list of substances for very high concern
  • Sodium perborate meets the criteria to be classified as toxic for reproduction. Read the ECHA support document here
  • Burnblock is borate free
  • No ingredient of Burnblock is on the REACH list or REACH candidate list
  • 100% Organic. In its liquid form, bio-degrades in 14 days
  • Non-harmful and non-hazardous. 100% food grade ingredients
  • Waste Management - safe disposal, treat as normal plywood
  • Handling - no addional masks or gloves
  • No additional cost implications for storage, handling & disposal
CE Marked Structural
  • Certified structural and CE stamped at original point of manufacture
  • The panel is not modified in anyway after CE certification
Resistance & Reaction Certified
  • Tested and certified for both resistance and reaction to fire (K1 and K2 test)

Current BURNBLOCK Fire Rated Birch Plywood Certification:
    EN 13501-1 Class B – s1, d0 K1 K2 10
    EN 14135 Resistant’s to Fire K1 K2 K10
    EN 45545 – 2 R10, HL1/HL2/HL3 Hazard Level Flooring
    EN 45545 – 2 R1, HL1 / HL2 Hazard Level Vertical Surfaces
    ISO 5659 – 2 Smoke Generation
    ISO 9239 – 1 Radiant Heat
    BS 476 Part 6 1989 + A1 209 (Fire Propagation)
    BS 476 Part 7 1997 (Surface Spread of Flame)
    BS 6853 Annex 3.2 1999 + Amd 1 (Toxic Fume)
    BS 6853 Annex D.8.4 1999 + Amd 1 (Smoke Density Panels)
    BS 6853 Annex D.8.4 1999 + Amd 1 (Smoke Density Flooring)

Veneered Fire Rated Plywood
We can offer veneered birch plywood to Euroclass B in the following veneers:
Oak - Ash - Maple - Cherry - Walnut - Birch
Panels can also be lacquered and retain the class B certification
Every component is FR rated: plywood > veneer > lacquer. The fire rating is maintained throughout, even if cut, drilled or damaged.
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