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  Flexible Veneer Panels   

Veneered Components & Flexible Veneer:

    Decoflex flexible veneer sheets are a very versatile product for creating a decorative wood finish
on practically any substrate.

The sheets of flexible veneer are very easy to work with.
Veneers are jointed and then pressed onto paper using formaldehyde free adhesive.
Wood fibers are broken after this process and then the flexible veneer is pre sanded to a 150 grit, giving a smooth finish.
The finished product is a very flexible veneer ready to be bonded onto a base substrate and finished.
  Flexible veneer sheets   
    Available in a huge range of wood grains and cuts, the thickness of the panel is between 0.4mm and 0.6mm.
Sheets of flexible veneer are available in size 2500 x 1240 from factory stock and larger sizes to order.
Real wood veneer wallpaper is also available in a range of 15 reconstituted veneers. Roll size: 3050 x 600.
    Veneered Components  
    We specialise in the supply of veneered panels.
A large range of veneers are available with a variety of different lacquers and polishes
We can offer manufactured components from our factory in Belgium, using state of the art technology
and traditional techniques.
  Veneered Plywood  
    Edged and machined components can be manufactured to your specifications, these can also incorporate a lightweight core.  
  Machined Plywood Components  
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